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Maisha was born in the heart of KIBERA


There was something that worried Domitila Ayot. Day by day, she saw how in her town, Kibera, many women and adolescents became pregnant with little or no support, sometimes against their will and in conditions of extreme poverty . She was also alarmed by the number of clandestine abortions that many women were forced to perform due to the lack of resources to receive their children.



Then "Mama Domitila" decided to start working to contribute with the little she could give. At home, she cut out papers with her phone number and pasted them in different places in Kibera, hoping that whoever was looking for a shoulder to lean on could turn to her. This is how the “Centro de Esperanza Edel Quinn” was born, dedicated to pregnancies in crisis and accompaniment of women. 

Later, a group of 5 Chilean volunteers in a low-income hospital in Kenya came across this small but great local initiative, which had become a place of light and life for women involved in a very adverse environment. They were also very moved by the reality of thousands of African women who could not receive their children in a dignified manner. How to give them real accompaniment?


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After their experience they decided to commit to them and become a true support network. Thus, in 2016, in partnership with the Edel Quinn Center, Maisha was formed, which in Swahili means LIFE, sharing the dream of welcoming and supporting mothers and their children in Kibera.



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Maisha is legally constituted in Chile as a foundation and becomes a non-profit organization operating abroad. 


Our team grows little by little and the first programs begin to be implemented in Kenya. 


Julián Álvarez - Fernanda Almarza - Sebastián Frías - Antonia Villablanca - Wenceslao Zegers 



The figure of CBO (Community Based Organisation) is adopted in Kenya, and new responsibilities are assumed in the field. Part of our team and board of directors travels to Kenya to inaugurate the new shelter for mothers in conjunction with the organization Africa Digna. 



Consolidation and growth of the 4 programs in Kenya: reception, health, sexual education and sustainability.



New challenges for the expansion of the foundation.  The first pilot project of sexual and affective education in Chile is completed.  

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Maisha Foundation

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