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Through our health program, we ensure our mothers and their children receive adequate healthcare before, during, and after childbirth.


We offer prenatal check-ups, delivery care, and breastfeeding counseling. We perform a continuous follow-up of mothers and newborns through home visits.


We educate and train local health personnel to improve competencies in the community itself.


Exclusive breastfeeding in the first months of the newborn

made to Mothers Maisha

obstetric ultrasound

They have received the cycle of specific health training for their self-care and the care of their newborns.




to Mothers Maisha

to mothers from other communities

to Mothers Maisha

to mothers from other communities


Catalina Bustos, Health Program Advisor

Screams, tears, sales, songs and the train passing in the midst of the chaos that is experienced every day. You look up a bit and between the rain and the wind thousands of zinc roofs lean out over one of the largest, poorest and most marginal slums in the world. And this is the origin of each of Maisha's mothers. An adverse origin, with a crude past, tinged with inequalities, injustices, violence of all kinds and often drug trafficking. And hurts. It hurts to think, feel and live for a few moments this reality, which over the years being in Kenya never ceases to amaze me and stir my head, heart and wadding.

Cecilia Wedeles, Health Volunteer 2022

I saw them dream and face their maternity from another place thanks to the work of the foundation, which not only guarantees dignified care for their pregnancy and childbirth, but also gives them a real option to change their reality. For me it was a year of too many emotions and new experiences, the constant struggle of managing expectations and being aware of where I was working, an experience that was much easier thanks to my friends with whom I lived, where we not only had fun well, if not that we also became a family in a place so far away and different from Chile.

Faith Wuachira, Maisha Mother 2022

When my time for delivery came, the midwife-Catalina was there every second until my baby was in my arms. She would tell me what's going on and would make sure my baby was okay. She was very patient with me and loving. She understood the pain I had and she walked with me every step. She would take videos of me during labor for memories. She would make me laugh to forget the pain.


Phone Number: +254783114975

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Maisha Foundation

Phone: +254783114975

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