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Through the sustainability program, we empower mothers with tools that enable them to support their families autonomously and safely.


We provide them with technical skills, saving strategies, and the opportunity to explore income-generating activities. In addition, we encourage personaland professional development by promoting recreational and educational opportunities, allowing them to broaden their horizons and increase their confidence and self-esteem.


Finally, we seek to provide them with the knowledge they need to achieve their goals.


direct beneficiaries

They have participated in our sustainability programs.

sessions taught

to strengthen the learning of our beneficiaries.



Hair salon




Tall Oluoko, Sewing Teacher 

Sustainability Program

I want to tell Maisha to continue with the programs that are delivered to the mothers. It's good to see how there are women who are paid to produce reusable wipes and with that they can buy milk for their children.

Bernardita Ovalle, Sustainability Volunteer 2022

I met Maisha thinking that I would not be useful to help there, I am not a midwife nor do I know much about the health area, but a foundation aligned with my desire to help and defend life quickly opened its doors for me to be able to contribute a grain of sand in Kenya.
I spent almost 3 months living in Nairobi and trying to get to know the different and shocking realities of that city. Upon arrival, despite feeling very different and observing a lot to try to connect with this reality, I felt very welcomed by each volunteer and mother Maisha. Joyful and each one in their individuality they welcome you, tell you their stories and see in you a great opportunity for friendship, help and good times.

Lavender Mukadi, Mother Maisha 2021

For the pads we use a cotton Kitenge, linen inside and a nylon waterproof fabric. We use only that, we make them, it is very easy, and because of the production we get a pay. For example, I've benefited a lot from making the pads and I also use them. And they are also distributed in schools for girls that they can not afford pads and they distribute them like charity and we receive them with love from the distributors. We are happy to have very good people who are helping us as women here in Kenya, in Kibera at large.


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Maisha Foundation

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