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Through our housing program, we provide comprehensive support to pregnant women in crisis during pregnancy and postpartum.


We offer 24/7 telephone accompaniment, home visits,and a temporary home for those mothers who do n’t have a support network.


We provide for the basic needs of the women and newborns through the delivery of supplies, food, and care.


We organize opportunities for our mothers to meet with the local community and the network of Maisha volunteers in Kenya.


211 Women 
have receive
accompaniment during your pregnancy and after child birth.

continue with her pregnancy

86 Toto Care Box donated

recreational workshops

indoor mothers

outdoor mothers

95 of them

have recibed t
assistance  telephone  by our local team in Kenya.

have entered the program, temporarily living in the housing center during her pregnancy and postpartum.

mothers have
integrated into the program, receiving 
comprehensive accompaniment and home visits.


Margarita Cury, Housing Volunteer  2022

Receiving and welcoming each Maisha mother, listening to their stories, reaching a level of intimacy where they entrusted me with their experiences, their joys and their sorrows. His dreams and also his biggest fears. Suddenly, we had crossed all the cultural barriers, language, race, etc. None of that mattered anymore. At that moment we were 2 completely different women and so similar at the same time, laughing and crying together. Because that's what it's all about, listening, empathizing and understanding what the needs of each one of them are.

Josefina Streeter, Housing Volunteer 2021

Kibera is an absolute contrast of endless alleys. Of infinite stories. And with Maisha I learned to look at both sides. I learned that I am because we are, I learned that you can change the world one smile at a time. Kibera is a constant welcome hug, and it is also a cry for help. A request for help from poverty, fear and abuse. It's a violation for going to buy water. It's prostitution for food. It's seeing girls live in an unfair world, and yet have the biggest hearts in the world. It's having to cross rivers of garbage to go home. It is to stay dancing in the street. It is knowing the neighbor, and the neighbor's neighbor.

Faith Wuachira, Maisha Mother 2022

The volunteers are the best. Taking care of us and ensuring we are at our best state. They are full of love and it was very easy to interact and talk to them about issues disturbing the mind. They understand the pregnancy journey and its pressure, so they make sure to be there when we need them.


Phone Number: +254783114975

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Maisha Foundation

Phone: +254783114975

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