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Sexual Education

We support children, adolescents, and young people in different stages of development, under a personal perspective of their affectivity and sexuality.


We work in collaboration with the international Teen STAR program, which trains our volunteers to work on issues related to the physical, psychological, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions of the person.


We develop decision-making skills based on freedom and responsibility. We train local monitors from Kibera so they can continue replicating the program on an ongoing basis in Kenya.

Menstruation Without Rules

Informed · Ecological · Accessible

Within our sexual and affective education program we have the "Menstruation Without Rules" initiative in order to guarantee menstrual hygiene supplies to communities that need it.  


Menstruation is still a problem for many girls, young women and adults who do not have the basic supplies necessary for this period. In countries like Kenya it is one of the main reasons for school absenteeism. In Chile, it is also an evident problem for women living on the streets, deprived of liberty or in camps, where access to sanitary pads, tampons and other basic supplies is limited.  


This is why we have promoted the "Menstruation Without Rules" initiative, a campaign that focuses in raising funds to deliver reusable sanitary pads to girls and young people in Kenya and Chile. Each delivery goes accompanied by an educational workshop focused on the menstrual cycle and feminine hygiene recommendations. We work so that menstruation stops being an impediment for women, ensuring that it is informed, ecological and accessible. 

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have benefited from the internal educational program on sexuality

and affectivity.

50 Mothers Maisha


to apply the sexuality and affectivity program.

direct beneficiaries

direct beneficiaries

reusable sanitary pads

have participated in the campaign

educational in

urban and rural areas of Kenya.

have participated in the campaign

educational in

urban and rural areas in Chile

They have been delivered to girls and adolescents without access to this basic input.


Corazon Ong'ayo, teacher Grace Humanitas Educational Center

I can say the pads program has created self esteem among girls. It has also reduces a burden to parents because it is reusable, compared to other pads where you find that you have to buy every month 1 or 2 packages, but these, once you have, you use, you clean them for you to use them another time.

Lastly, it has made our girls responsible because they have to ensure that the reusable pads are clean. So it forces them to clean and dry them, and keep them safe for you to use it another time. Thanks to the Maisha community for the reusable pads.

Florence Anyango, student Grace Humanitas Educational Center

Let me talk about the garbage. There is less garbage since we received our reusable sanitary pads. When you are done using them, you can wash them and reuse them again. There was lots of garbage since every girl used more than 5 in their menstrual period. Some girls used to throw some garbage even along this road and this brought a dirty environment and caused diseases that hurt human beings. Thanks to the people in the project for empowering girls and being for girls who come from poor grounds by helping them with pads

Clara Tagle, Sexual and Affective Education Volunteer 2022

I was in charge of the Sexual Education program, and with the help of the coordinators I was able to train myself, although many times with some nerves and doubts. And little by little I was realizing two things; First, the value and tremendous importance of the work of the foundation and the fact that someone gives their time to talk to so many young people about those issues that nobody else touches on in their reality. And, secondly, that in the long run what these women are left with the most is the love that each volunteer puts into doing their job as well as forming a friendship and true ties with them.


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