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To carry out our work we have four lines of action.











Through our reception program, we provide comprehensive support to pregnant women in crisis during pregnancy and postpartum.

We offer 24/7 telephone support, home visits and a temporary home for those mothers who do not have a support network.

We supply the basic needs of women and their newborns through the delivery of supplies, food and care.

We organize meeting instances for mothers with the local community and with the network of Maisha volunteers in the field.


Health Care

Through our health program, we ensure that mothers and their children receive health care before, during and after childbirth.

We offer prenatal check-ups, delivery care and breastfeeding counseling.

We carry out continuous monitoring of mothers and newborns through home visits.

We educate and train local health personnel to enhance skills in the community itself.



We deliver tools so that mothers can support themselves and their families.

We train them in income-generating activities, technical skills and savings strategies.

We promote recreational and learning instances for the development of skills.


Sexual Education

We accompany children, adolescents and young people in the different stages of their development under a personal view of their affectivity and sexuality.


We work in partnership with the international program Teen STAR, which trains our volunteers to work on issues related to the physical, psychological, emotional, intellectual and spiritual dimensions of the person, such as: hormonal and bodily changes, cycle  menstrual cycle, adolescent brain, family planning methods, self-esteem, emotions, relationships, etc.

We develop decision-making skills based on freedom and responsibility.


We train local monitors from the Kibera community so that they can continue to replicate the program on an ongoing basis in Kenya.

Menstruation Without Rules

Informed · Ecological · Accessible

Within our sexual and affective education program we have the "Menstruation Without Rules" initiative in order to guarantee menstrual hygiene supplies to communities that need it.  


Menstruation is still a problem for many girls, young women and adults who do not have the basic supplies necessary for this period. In countries like Kenya it is one of the main reasons for school absenteeism. In Chile, it is also an evident problem for women living on the streets, deprived of liberty or in camps, where access to sanitary napkins, tampons and other basic supplies is limited.  


This is why we have promoted the "Menstruation Without Rules" initiative, a campaign that focuses in raising fundsto deliver reusable sanitary towels to girls and young people in Kenya and Chile. Each delivery goes accompanied by an educational workshop focused on the menstrual cycle and feminine hygiene recommendations. We work so that menstruation stops being an impediment for women, ensuring that it is informed, ecological and accessible. 

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